Salvia Divinorum 10X report

I got some SALVIA Divinorum from a porn shop one day but had it sit in my room fro about a week untill i just had the craving (a wonder like a childs mind) of seing real magic, a magic thats so forcefully convincing!
The magic through the Shepperdists eye :) well i packed about 3 quaters of the bag in my jumbo cone piece that went on a lid for a gravity bong, bucky, bucket bong, and i darkened the room and put a scarf on my head as a blind fold, i got my legs under the covers (big mistake, it was trippy hot but i do not regret doing it because i had a MASSIVE detox my bed has drenched with swet after werds) wel im sitting in my bed and atached my big cone to my bottle wich was in a bucket full of water, i lit the cone and i had to pull it real slowly because the SALVIA salviawas so dense inside the cone piece but eventualy the my rocket was ready for blastoff (bottle filled with smoke) the smoke was sooo thick the whole bottle was thick almost dark yellow i was sure there wasnt evn a drip of air in there. wel i took deep breaths and put my 15 minuit manchra chakra chanting on full blast in my ears, i took inhaled the rocket reeal hard i took EVERYTHING i do big ganja buckys all the time so got some pretty strong muscly lungs hha.

It was so thick the smoke, soon as cleard that beast i put my blind fold on and right when i got under the covers and my head hit the pillow i was litiraly catapulted even before i blew it out, i was ROCKETING through galaxies i saw all our planets and out soler system shrink soo quickly. It felt like my body went into exreme stress and i got a phat hit of DMT from my pineal gland hha proly not but still funny :P, while all this was happening i was fully out of 3d i was somwere els literaly, yet my body was still in 3d lying on my 3d bed sweting like CRAZY like a pressure cooker with full blast indian guys chanting in my ears but none ofthat existed i was just thrown into this place where NOTHING existed not evn my memory i wasnt a human anymore i was only an empty awareness. ( . ) you see that dot, that dot was all of existance it was my past present and futer it was 'time' it was like an eternity. but i was soooo scared i was pertafied i was ( nothing ) i realy had underestimated this magic thing hahahahahaha. after the scary eternity of nothing just awareness of nothing my area of were i was started complexifying like it was transforming and i huuge being the size of galaxies was hidding behind this weird curvy thing that was infinit. just being under it was so life shattering but this huge being that im sure was my ego was laughing at me with a deep riciculasy loud laugh like hes shaming me and i was just shattered my whole base of mind just cleared, flushed with lava .


This trip was 11 minutes long and while i was coming down i noticed a crack of light in the blindfold and then heard my ears blasting on th chakra chanting and my body was in a pressure cooker on full blast and i was traped could see couldnt move couldnt hear, i became the ceiling the celing became the floor and it was HOT, every time i try to seperate the ceiling with the floor to get out of the hot bed inthe middle it would just rip, tear like paper, i torn my hole body like easily just tearing a paper it was so 2 dimensional like existance was flat i was still tripping nuts and i finaly could roll out of my cover and push my blind fold off shaked my headfones out and i felt soooo mush better my skin was and clothes were litiraly soaked and sharp slipery trippy feeling, i strugled got to look at my ipod and the mantra was in minuit 9 and this part is when the SALVIA started transforming me into the objects lying around my bed, i became the wire of my phone charger for awhile (just awareness existed when i became them) then i morphed into the sharp crystal cluster i have by my bed and it was soo trippy just being a cluster of crystals its just like spiky awareness man its intenc but slowly it easd off when i cooled down i came back fully at minuit 11 of the mantra.

This trip was mind shattering it humbled my soal so much! i dont have much time so just finish up,
a month later for about 2 months i was spiritualy enlightened. soo alive just pure hapenis, i was going for walks just to smile at people it was crazy.
Well i hope you enjoyed.


Salvia Divinorum