Salvia Divinorum 40X trip report

I recently tried Avalon Magic Plants' salvia 40X extract and had the most profound experience of my life to date.

My friend ordered from the Avalon Magic Plants website, it arrived within 3 days. We immediately smoked a pretty small bowl to test it and just get a feel for the potency of the stuff.

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My vision hastened and I got the feeling all the air had just been sucked out of the room. All the vertical lines and corners of objects in my vision shimmered and wobbled as if they hiding extra dimensions in the space between the forward and backward image. I was intensely aware of my vision as an evolved property of matter as opposed to some sort of divine creation. I was matter trying to build up an internal picture based on some very limited resources.

As reality started to come back into focus, I could feel a warmth in my head as if my consciousness was whirring away in the mechanics of my brain. I felt uplifted and in awe.
My friend and I then proceeded to smoke bowls as we usually do, but unbeknownst to me, he packed me a huge bong of salvia divinorum and covered it with weed. I naturally hit the bong heavily, consuming all of the smokey goodness. I immediately started to feel the effects of the salvia. I was not ready for this. The room cleared. Gravity was unbelievable. I was a part of the bed I was lying on, the bed was a part of me, I was a point sitting on the top of everything, and everything was starting to collapse. As it collapsed I was transferred onto a larger piece of the folding blanket of reality which was also folding with the momentum of the previous segment. At this point I was convinced I was dead. How could I be alive? I wasn't even aware I had just smoked salvia divinorum, to my knowledge I was simply a lost soul being carried along by the infinite unstoppable moment. Rolling forwards.

I eventually just gave up. At this stage it felt as if I was being born on a sea of hands, with a great cacophony of voices cheering me on. I was a point on the straight line of the moment, moving forwards, consuming everything in my path.
As the trip started to subside and I started to come back to the room, being trapped inside my body was painful and uncomfortable. My clothes felt unnatural and itchy. It felt weird to be human. Gravity was pinning me to the bed with ridiculous force. I stood up and looked out of the window and saw hundreds of houses encrusting the landscape, how odd that people seek such permanence, stability and security in this bizarre and unexplained universe. I could only think about why I was me? Why the hell did this universe + this combination of atoms = me experiencing reality?Buy Salvia 30X extract
It made no rational sense. But then what the fuck is the alternative? I am only me and can only be me because that is what I am. All it takes is one huge bong of salvia to completely blow the hinges off. If you have any curiosity about the universe and your place in it, I think Salvia can provide a lot of interesting input.
Initially it took a little while to re-integrate into mundane reality. I was struck with the notion that everything is predetermined, rolling out from the big bang in a mathematically predictable way. The feeling of being trapped was a re-occurring one, especially when I got high. I think next time I experiment with high doses of salvia I would prefer to know I was about to take a voyage out into the abyss, not having any knowledge of having just smoked salvia made the trip 10x more intense and probably made re-integration more difficult, as I had fully accepted the fact I was dead.

But my curiosity heavily outweighs my fear, I cannot shy away from my existence, it's very in your face. This is happening, whether we like it or not, and it is our job, with the knowledge we have gained, to create the best possible experience for every human being on this madhouse of a planet. We're all in it together, lets stop acting like petulant children and get on with our lives.

The main trip itself took place in the fraction of a second after exhaling the bong. My friend kindly video-taped me for posterity, just after exhaling I said 'Man, I didn't want to do salvia again..' In the video, there is a split second gap between exhalation and speaking, however the entirety of my trip had occurred in that fraction of a second. Salvia really does have profound implications.
So I would estimate the trip in real-time as lasting less than 1/2 a second, however the content I witnessed within that period of time was unbelievable, I perceived myself to be tripping for at least 15 minutes in this time period, however upon examining the video, I saw I was only gone for a matter of milliseconds.

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